Alan Pardew Officially So New West Brom Manager

Alan Pardew Officially So New West Brom Manager

West Bromwich Albion finally has a new manager, former Crystal Palace and Newcatsle United manager Alan Pardew

West Brom’s manager’s seat was empty more than a week after they fired Tony Pulis some time ago. Pardew also has a tough task to lift the appearance of Salomon Rondon et al who is still trapped in the bottom of the standings.

“I am delighted with the opportunity Albion has given me and look forward to working with what I consider to be a team with a bunch of talented players,” said Pardew, posted on West Brom’s official website.

“The immediate challenge is to get the results we need to pull ourselves into the standings. But I realize that when you join one of England’s great football clubs, the club is determined to go forward. ”

“This is an exciting opportunity to play a role in that ambition.”

Chairman of Wst Brom, John Williams also gave a statement related to the appointment of this Pardew. He said that the Albion club council had reached a unanimous decision to appoint Pardew.

“Alan brings experience over 300 Premier League matches and the kind of dynamic leadership from which our Club can benefit,” he said.

“We are impressed with what he has to say and what he offers and we look forward to an exciting new era under his responsibility.”

The chairman also gave a warm respect to Gary Megson, who has led the first team affairs in his role as Assistant Chief Coach but has left the Club today.

“Gary left with our gratitude for the sterling work being completed in difficult circumstances,” he added.

“We met today when I explained our position that he understood and accepted in a very professional way he has done since Tony’s dismissal.

“He swings the ship at a difficult time and we really appreciate his efforts,” Williams tamdas.

Currently West Bromwich Albion is still there at the bottom of the board exactly in the position of the 16 or only two levels of the relegation zone. Big changes do need to be done to avoid Jhonny Evans et al from degradation trap. (Source: West Brom)

5 Important Notes Of Manchester United Victory At Watford Cage

5 Important Notes Of Manchester United Victory At Watford Cage

Manchester United again continue their positive trend when they travel to Vicarage Road on Wednesday (29/11/2017) early morning hrs. United won 4-2, but there are some moments that make Jose Mourinho upset

United initially took a 3-0 lead, two goals came from Ashley Young and Anthony Martial added a goal, but Watford chased the score to 3-2 in the final five minutes, through a Troy Deeney penalty and a Doucore goal. Lucky Jesse Lingard managed to kill the match with his own individual action goal in 85 minutes.

We will see the important points in the game that was initially comfortable but turned into a tense.

1. Appearance ciamik Lindelof

Manchester United Victory At The Watford Cage

Lindelof trouble early in the season with Manchester United until rumors arise Jose Mourinho will be looking for a new defender in the transfer market. However, in the game against Watford he performed very well, showing why he is so special in Benfica.

The center defender made several interventions throughout the game and barely made a mistake. His passing from behind was also the best since he set foot at Old Trafford.

With the injury of Phil Jones and Eric Bailly, Lindelof’s performance is very timely. With busy schedules in the weeks ahead, Mourinho desperately needs the Swede.

2. Ashley Young drowns more Luke Shaw

Manchester United Victory At The Watford Cage

All United players who play in this match and their supporters will certainly enjoy the brace Young, especially the quality. But, apparently not to Luke Shaw.

The 32-year-old continues to be the top choice to fill United’s left-hand position, eliminating Shaw who has not defended the Red Devils for a long time.

Shaw is rumored to be on loan at Newcastle which is likely to be a fitting decision for this young English player due to Young’s stable performance. By the end of November until next year the schedule will be very crowded, so Shaw might get a chance, but if Young keeps fit his chances are minimal.

3. Manchester United is careless

Manchester United Victory At The Watford Cage

Maybe because Matic had to get out in the second half or just because they were satisfied at the performance in the first half so United were off guard in the second half. Lingard’s individual lucky goal managed to save the situation, but that could turn out to be a disaster for United.

They missed too many chances as Mourinho United should have won 5 or 6-0. Romelu Lukaku missed a golden opportunity. The penalty caused by Marcos Rojo put the hosts back in pressure and United were too in the fight.

This proves there is no easy match in the Premier League especially when you start slacking even though it was 3-0 up. A 3-0 score can still be easily reversed when you start off guard and make the opposing team spirited again.

4. Paul Pogba is still in trouble

Manchester United Victory At The Watford Cage

Actually Pogba appearance is not too bad, as usual intelligence managed to create a dangerous attack. Pogba is United’s attacking machine and he did his role in this match pretty good. However, for Pogba level is still below the average let alone he missed a golden opportunity. Pogba got a golden opportunity with his header, when it was free unmarked position, but his header strayed.

Mourinho regretted that because usually in a more difficult circumstances Pogba can still head the ball well because of his posture is very supportive.

5. My Luke needs confidence

Manchester United Victory At The Watford Cage

The performance of Lukaku in this match was also disappointing, he was the player who missed most of his chances and one of his chances was called Mourinho as a very open goal. The situation at the time was really comfortable to score, but he failed even though the goalkeeper was already sitting and blocking the Watford defender should also be overcome.

The problem Lukaku is quite complicated because it has 11 games only scored one goal for Manchester United. He must immediately find out what the problem is because it is about to enter the second half and this month is a very busy month. He will also be under pressure from Zlatan Ibrahimovic who continues to sit on the bench today. (

Emery Satisfied With Cavani Performance and Mbappe

Emery Satisfied With Cavani Performance and Mbappe

PSG coach Unai Emery admits he is satisfied with the performance shown by Edinson Cavani and Kylian Mbappe.

In the game against Angers that took place last night, both players managed to cover up the absence of Neymar, and contribute to four goals from five goals that created PSG Angers goalkeeper. Emery himself admits that his strikers have now performed more effectively.

“The most important thing for me is I want to see my strikers, have a chance to score goals,” said Emery.

“After that, then we talk about the ball into the goal or not. But we all know that our strikers managed to get a chance, then they will definitely score goals. ”

“Cavani scored, Mbappe scored. The effectiveness of our strikers has been greatly improved. I think that’s good for all players.

“The impact of that, not only was felt by the forward players, it was also for the players who controlled the midfield, and gave the ball to the strikers.”